Why this blog?

This blog is about communication, science communication. It’s main purpose is to help scientists, and other professionals, to better approach knowledge exchange and public communication activities. In interviews, scientists in the Basque Country pointed out the need for this blog, as they claimed that there are great communication initiatives out there and that they should be learning from each other’s experiences. Therefore, this blog aims to create a practice-based knowledge database to inspire and help professionals in their science communication activities.

The content in this blog is in English – so that scientists outside the Basque Country can also feel inspired by these reflections. Occasionally, articles in Basque and Spanish will also be published.

Through this blog I will contact professionals that are or have been involved in science communication activities and write about their experiences, tips, and ideas. If you have an experience that you want to share, if you are organizing or involved in a relevant activity, or you have a suggestion for a post, please get in touch.


About the author – Maria Loroño Leturiondo

I am originally from the Basque Country where I graduated with a BA in Public Relations (UPV-EHU). I then moved to Copenhagen to work in a think tank for sustainability and climate change communication, and to undertake an MA in Cognition and Communication (University of Copenhagen). My MA thesis, written in collaboration with the Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3), focused on science communication. I am now a PhD student in geoscience communication at Manchester Metropolitan University. 


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